Broadcasting Radio on Kapang?

Kapang Radio is a collection of Rathergood Radio stations broadcasting to counties across the UK, delivering on FM, DAB and IP. Under the national brand of Rathergood radio, local and regional radio stations are able to reduce costs through our group management scheme and monetise their linear and on-demand content, whilst still providing the local content their listeners desire.

Radio Streaming Video Service

All Rathergood radio stations are either produced and managed by our core in-house creative team or franchised out to smaller local radio stations, looking to adopt the Rathergood brand and monetisation strategies.

The local radio group work with the existing station team to provide a smooth transition of brand and guidelines, without comprising audience and broadcast quality. We take over majority of the radio station’s overhead costs for license and broadcast, eliminating risk and extensive supplier communications, leaving the team to focus entirely on making the content as good as it can be.

Franchising not only expands the Rathergood brand across the UK, but also provides unprofitable stations, threatening closure, a solution. The local radio group provides the perfect compromise, where stations can continue broadcasting but with reduce cost and increased profitability, whilst retaining their loyal listeners.

Fully Managed Service

Local Radio Group provides a managed service solution for regional and local radio content producers, including support, technology and 100% monetisation from conception and setup to launch and channel maintenance. In exchange for adopting the Rathergood brand, majority of the financial risks are eliminated, leaving stations the time to focus on the content and audience.

Linear Broadcast

As a company we pride ourselves on remaining up to date with all new technologies and systems, as well as developing our own solutions. Our clients’ linear broadcasting systems are upgraded with our latest industry technology, considerably reducing overheard from large monopolised satellite suppliers, with a far more reliable service at a fraction of the cost.

The use of IP as a playout solution is becoming increasingly favourable in the television industry, seen within Virgin Media’s entirely IP system and Sky’s intention to become so in the near future. IP is also the future for radio, something we are spearheading within the industry, which will allow an increase in flexibility and control for the radio stations and a reduced cost in their satellite broadcast.

VoD and Catch up Radio

The Radio Platform is a broadcast and catch-up radio platform. Our high quality live broadcast and on-demand catch-up radio service allows listeners to access live streaming, as well as shows post broadcast on-demand from all media devices.

This bespoke platform and understanding of your objectives means we are uniquely positioned to deliver any streaming audio workflow imaginable. We work with content producers around the world, helping them to maximise the distribution and monetisation of their output.

100% Monetisation

Primarily, the View TV Group as a whole, is a revenue led business, with all decisions and developments made in order to aid businesses monetise and increase profit.

We can fully monetise any radio stations’ linear and on-demand content, using our unique programmatic ad replacing system.

Our monetisation strategies have proven successful in all areas of the media industry, both in TV and Radio, as well as OTT and Digital Media. This is specifically due to our simplistic and efficient approach, removing external suppliers from the process and providing a complete fully managed service for our clients.

Music TV Channels

Our Rathergood music TV channels span all genres and tastes, including dance classics, movies, noughties, 80s, 90s, rock, love, xmas 365 and more! Meaning you can go straight to your favourite music genre or decade and just listen to what you like, complete with your favourite Rathergood DJs providing your personal mix.

Discover your favourite at

This is also a service we provide for our radio clients and partners, as an additional revenue model to accompany the live and on-demand monetisation.

Local Radio supported by Local TV

Local TV Group provides a managed service solution for regional tv content producers, including support, technology and 100% monetisation from conception and setup to launch and channel maintenance. We produce, distribute and monetise local content capturing the stories, events and issues that matter most to our audiences.

Majority of local and regional radio stations have an in-house news and media journalist, as well as a fundamental understanding and connection to the area and people they broadcast to. Hence, our belief that local tv should be joined with local radio, in order to produce two different services simultaneously.

With limited additional effort or expenditure, radio stations would be able to produce / source visual content to accompany their radio news stories, in order to populate their own local tv channel. Not only would this increase the station’s reach and prominence in the area, but the channels themselves would be fully monetised to produce an additional income separate to the station, simply from the work already being completed daily.

Broadcasting Radio Services on Kapang

An alternative to DAB Transmission and FM Transmission Services